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Official Resellme Python SDK


  • Make sure you already got you developer token. If you dont have the token refer to this guide: - and that its set properly using this guide: -

Installation Guide

  • Use the pyhton package manager pip to install the official Python SDK

pip3 install rm_sdk_python

Import the Resellme module to your project

  • Import the resellme package and initiate with the API_KEY from Resellme

from rm_sdk_python import Resellme

resellme = Resellme(api_key='YOUR_RESELLME_API_KEY_TOKEN')

Checking / Searching for Domain Availability

  • The resellme.search_domain method can return a json object with the values such as available or not_available
search_response = resellme.search_domain('')

# search_response is a json object
if search_response['status'] == 'available':
# do registration etc

Registering a New Domain

  • The client's contact details are entered upon registering the domain
  • The SDK uses default nameservers upon creation and registration of the domain, however there is room to update to your preferred nameservers, check the Updating Nameserver section
# A contact is created with the details provided upon registering a domain
response = resellme.register_domain(
street_address='123 Xyz Street',
core_business='Area of business undertaken by the company',

Updating nameservers

  • To update nameservers to custom nameservers, firstly provide the domain name of the site you want to update as shown below
  • NB: The method returns a json object
response = resellme.update_nameserver('',ns1='', ns2='')

Updating Contact details

  • To update the email, mobile, city details for a specified domain use the following method
  • The following method illustrates a case were you want to update all the fields, however you can choose any specific field
  • NB: the method requires the domain and email as positional arguments
updated_contact_details = resellme.update_contact('', email='',
first_name='your name',
last_name='your surname',
company='Xyz Inc',
street_address='Xyz Street',

Get Domains

  • You can use this method to fetch all your domains
domains = resellme.get_all_domains()


If you cannot find an SDK suitable for your requirements or needs, kindly contact us here