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Getting Started


For you to start using the Resellme services, you need to sign-up for a Resellme account, that's if you don't already have one and create Authentication keys. Details on how to do this are found on this page

Quickstart Guides#

These quickstart guides will teach you how to become a reseller on this platform. We'll walk you step-by-step through signing up for Resellme, setting up your platform.


This SDK can be installed via composer.

$ composer require privyreza/rm-php-sdk


Make sure you already got you developer token. If you dont have the token refer to this guide: Developer Token


require "vendor/autoload.php";$token = getenv('RM_TOKEN');// Load the Clientuse Resellme\Client;
// Initialize the Client$client = new Client($token);

Check Domain Availability#

$domain = '';
/* * Check availability * @return array - with domain status * */$domainSearch = $client->searchDomain($domain);

Registering a New Domain#

Make sure you are testing on the sandbox platform.

/** * Domain Details * */// Domain Owner$contact = [    "contacts" => [        "registrant" => [            "first_name" => "SDK Privy",            "last_name" =>"SDK Reza",            "email" =>"",            "company" =>"SDK Company",            "mobile" =>"0773234827",            "street_address" =>"78 Test Street",            "core_business" =>"SDK Test Core Business",            "city" =>"Nairobi",            "country" =>"Kenya"        ]    ]];
// Nameservers$nameservers = [    "ns1" => "",    "ns2" => ""];
// Prepare the data$data = [    'domain' => $domain,    'nameservers' => $nameservers,    'contacts' => $contacts];     
/** * Register the domain now * @return array * */$domain = $client->registerDomain($data);

Get Domains#

You can use this to fetch all your domains. You can pass filters if you want a filtered result.

$filters = [    'status' => 'registered', // Get Registered only domains    'name' => '' // Get By Domain name];
$domains = $client->getDomains($filters);