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An Easy way to start a Hosting and Domain Registration Business

· 2 min read

Reselling Hosting and Domains is actually an available option for those who want add an extra stream of income. Its really easy to get started and earn some money, the easy way ( There are lots of ways to get this wrong too!)

When I started out, back in 2011, I lost lots of money trying to host a few website clients I had. And fortunately, you don't have to lose money like I did. If you are a freelancer and just trying to provide more services to your clients or you want to start a small hosting and domain registration company, this article will give you exactly what you need.

What Options do I have?

Here are the options can consider for hosting your clients.

  1. Buy a reseller package and host your clients' websites.
  2. Buy hosting for the client as they request the services.

Option 1 will mean you have to pay monthly charges even if you don't have any clients. I will not discuss this further as its obviously not a viable option.

Buy hosting for the client as they request the services

With this option, you only buy hosting when a client pays you. So you just get paid and buy the service on your client's behalf and keep the profit. Resellme has been built specifically to support this option, keep reading to learn more!

And there is a way to automate everything!

Want to automate the process so this additional stream of income can generate revenue in your absense? Worry not! Resellme can be linked to your own websites or billing systems. To learn more on how to link your website or billing system check out our docs: SDKS and Plugins & Integrations