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About Resellme

What is Resellme?

It is a platform created to help businesses and indiviaduals provide domains and hosting to their clients, with ease. This was necesitated by the fact that many businesses are trying to leverage the opportunities that the web can bring to a business, especially in times where business is restricted by global pandemic such as COVID. So these Web Pros ( As we call them ), will help businesses achieve what they want by using the facilities provided by Resellme.

What Services does Resellme Offer?

Resellme offers Domains and Hosting services to Resellers.


We offer an array of extensions. To see the available extensions and prices, visit this link: Extensions & Prices.


We offer various packages for the hosting services. To see the available packages and prices, visit this link: Hosting Packages & Prices.

Who is Resellme for?

Unfortunately not everthing is for everyone 😡. And as Resellme we do have set of clients we think will be more interested in these services and could benefit more by using this platform. This is not to say, if you do not suit in the following categories, it is over for you 😡. Anyone else can still join and learn the ropes, and it's very easy .

Small Hosting and Domain Registration Companies

Normally when hosting and domain registration companies are starting out, and the founders are bootstrapping, they are always looking for affodable solutions. Resellme gives them the opportunity to start with $0 Capital investment!

Web Development Freelancers

As freelancers start to get a constant flow of clients for web developement, they will also start to realize that that may be missing out on another ripe source of income. The usual routine maybe to refer client to hosting and domain registration companies when they are done with web development. But how about they provide the hosting and the domain registration service using the resellme platform? This will provide them more revenue and afford their clients the convinient they need to have all their web requirements handled under one roof.

The freelancer can also grow this into a digital agency if they need to.

Digital Agencies

These guys are already providing other digital marketing services such as web development and Social Media Management. Being in this business bring lots of clients that may be interested in web hosting and domain registations. Resellme provide the exact platform for them to ride on stress free.


To provide a state of the art plaform resellers can trust to help them grow their businesses while providing a solution the business world need to create and improve their online presence.

Core Values

These are the core values that we uphold as a company.

  • Cooperation over Competition
  • We Give Value
  • A culture of Service